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 Welcome to 808 Bachata Advancements home page. Our company specializes in advancing Bachata students through a series of comprehensive and progressive syllabi. Our Bachata classes are set up in a way that it is easy to learn the fundamentals through constant repetition and reinforcement. Our company will still be providing great Bachata workshops throughout year and partnering with Linda Melodia in efforts to continually bring you great content and a better Latin dance experience.

808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company

Bachata Classes in Hawaii Our progressive Bachata classes feature essential elements to help our students advance in our Bachata fusion style. The instructors from 808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company will guide you through our courses step by step and get you ready to hit the nightclubs with confidence. Our classes will start with a Bachata Infusion eight week course and then advance into Bachata Ascension. We will also continue to hold workshops about 3 times a year for those who are not able to commit to a long term course.

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