Some of you may be wondering where does Bachata come from? Well it’s origins are from the Dominican Republic and and has made it’s way around the world. As the music developed so did the dancers, it became very westernized and was deemed to be Moderna. In Hawaii the dancers are taught a very basic form of Moderana due to the lack of instructors in Hawaii. We have a few Salsa instructor but until now no one could put themselves out there as high level Bachata instructional school until now. We are by no means bashing the instructions of other instructors on the Island, they are good at developing beginners so that they are able to hit the social dance scene and have fun. These other few schools out there are credible and good people and we feel that people should have the option to go out and explore to see the different levels being offered for themselves, there are a lot of thing you can learn from these other instructors. However as a dance company we will promote ourselves first and foremost and if our students would like more information on other instructors we will provide it to them without bias personally.

808 Bachata Dance Company has been taking it’s time to develop their team properly and will never stop advancing.  Because of this mentality we are proud to offer classes to those wanting to develop their own special skills and talents. We offer instructions from beginners and up. Our Bachata classes are tailored in a way that it help you to understand the basic and essential skills out there through constant repetition personal coaching. Like our our fansite:

Hawaii Bachata Instructors: Kyle Quintal, Carlo Barbasa, Abby Frazier

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