Hawaii Bachata Classes are in progress and I am so proud of my students. They have been taking lessons and practicing at the different nightclubs throughout the week and their dedication shows. 808 Bachata has set out with a long term goal of building better dancers in Hawaii. Others teach combos but we focus on the essential elements of what makes the dance work and we prove it on the dance floor as well. Visit: www.808bachataadvancement.com to see what we offer. We are currently (Sept 2013) working on the first series or our popular series 101.

Our students have been training on the basics of Bachata timing, cross steps, triple steps, double steps, partnering, frame, body isolation, dips, footwork, body rolls, baseline, hesitations, syncopation, figure 8’s, body posture, tension, hip movement, musicality and a lot more. Wow it seems like a lot but we have broken these element down for our students to work on through repetition in class and in the clubs and it has been proven to work great.

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