Hawaii now has both Salsa and Bachata free classes at the clubs Salsamor Thursdays and Mambo Fridays and paid classes at various locations. 808 Bachata Advancement www.808bachataadvancement.com and Linda Melodia www.hawaiisalsa101.com has teamed up to teach classes at the Thursdays Salsamor event with basic Salsa Bachata and Merengue, Fridays Mambo Friday event with Salsa and Bachata. We then proceed to teach classes of higher levels throughout the week at Dream to Dance, Honolulu Club and a few other locations . The progression of our students and growth of Hawaii’s Latin dance scene is very important, that is why we even offer private lessons and hold several workshops throughout the year. We have brought various instructors like Bryon and Sammantha, Que Rico, Farrah and Fausto and many more to Hawaii to help raise the level of dance education and experience in the scene.

808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company teaches level 101, level 102 and a half Salsa/Bachata class with Linda Melodia. We are working on a student performance group for next year.

Linda Melodia offers Salsa levels 101, 102, 201, student teams and a Salsa/Bachata class with 808 Bachata advancement.

If you are looking for information on Hawaii’s Latin Dance Scene check out www.hawaiisalsainfo.com, we have information on instructors, clubs, workshops, promoters and festivals.

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