808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company has just completed its first session of 101 and we have added 102 to the mix now. Seeing the students grow in knowledge and abilities is something that I am very proud of. They started with the basics then added double, triple, baseline, hesitations and more and today we opened the 102 series and the students were pushed to implement more footwork with partner work.

As instructors we also grow with each class and I am amazed at our own progression and ability to break down movements in fine detail on the fly. We are even finding new ways to break down movements due to the sticking points that we see in the class.

Next year we are looking forward to having a third class in our series and if our student keep progressing the way they do then we will open up a student performance group.

If you are interested in advancing with us please contact us 808-255-3033, kylequintal1@gmail.com


Series 101 every Sunday 3pm at Dream to Dance Studio

Series 102 every Sunday 4:30pm at Al Franz Dance Studio


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