There are several things to take into consideration once hitting the dancefloor but it all boils down to how you make other feel. As we are not all made perfect and come from different upbringing, cultures and dance styles we need to enter into dance with a certain open mind and interpretation of what is acceptable and what is not.

1. Hygene

Dancing is an activity where two people come in close contact. Before a dance:
Shower and use a deodorant,
Brush teeth and use mouthwash or breath mint,
Abstain from foods that produce strong odors, like those heavy in garlic
The odor of cigarettes on one’s breath or clothing can be very unattractive.
During a dance:
Check your grooming periodically
During active dance sessions, freshen up and towel off periodically in the bathroom
Gentlemen, you can carry an extra shirt with you to the dance, in case you need a change.

2. Asking for/ Declining Dances

When asking for a dance, it is easiest to stay with traditional phrases:
“May I have this dance?”
“May I have this Waltz/Rumba/Foxtrot/etc.”
“Would you like to dance?”
“Care to dance?”
“Shall we dance?”

3.  Dance floor and line of dance

Eye Contact: Be friendly! Keep as much eye contact with your partner as you can during a dance so they don’t feel like they are being ignored. But do not be creepy about it, staring can be considered weird but a few moments of eye contact and smiles are always welcome..


Dance line: There is a concept called line of dance for majority of the dances done in the latin dance clubs.. There are some dances that do not utilize this concept since it moves in different direction and if this is the case just be aware of the space, other dancers and your partner’s safety. For those dances that utilize a linear concept,  please use the point A to point B base as often as possible as we know that dance moves vary and you may need to change your line due to other dancers, a different desired effect or something else.

Entering the dance floor: Caution should be exercised when getting on the dance floor, especially if the song has already started and couples are dancing on the floor. Stop staring in your partner’s eyes and look out for her safety. It is the responsibility of incoming couples to make sure that they stay out of the way of the couples already dancing. Specifically, before getting into dance position, one should always look opposite the line of dance to avoid a collision.

At the end of the dance: After the dance is finished thank you partner and either ask for another dance and wait for the next song to start or escort her off the dance floor.


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