Musicality: This is considered to be the aware and complimentary to the musical instruments involved in the creation of the song you are listening too, or the quality/state of being musical. This trait can be found in all genres of music and the artist who compliment it. A person who is considered musical has the ability to perceive differences in the different aspects of music including pitch, rhythm and harmony. Plainly put musicality is the matching of movement and form to the rhythm, melody, and mood of the music being played.

My personal theory: In a song you will notice different levels of musical sounds at any point in the song. I will listen for sounds in the foreground, background and middle and choose what I would like to compliment in that particular instance. For example, I may want to compliment the vocals and step or create a pattern on the fly to highlight the hits that the vocals create. As a performer/social dancer I will choose to either compliment the most obvious sounds in the foreground or become more complex and highlight the background sounds that only a trained ear can detect. Moreover, I can also choose to switch back and forth or compliment two different sounds in one series of footsteps or a combination.

Bottom line is try to tailor your understanding and movements either shine or partner-work to the different sound that you hear in the music without overdoing it.

The typical bachata song may consist of consists of five – seven instruments: lead guitar,rhythm guitar, electric bass guitar, bongos, vocalsgüira, and I have heard a trumpet once.

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