There are many different types of dancers, with different goals to achieve within the moment. That being said one’s goals can always change given time, influence and results.

Whether you are a Bachata, Salsa, Hip Hop, Zouk or other dancer this holds true for all grenres

None of these styles are wrong, its just happens to be different goals and objectives. As long as you keep dance positive and show others a great time, you can’t be wrong!

Which types of dancers are you?

1. The I want greatness and precision dancer?

– This dancer always pushes themselves to do things better and better with precision and musicality. They will push themselves beyond limits and it seems that they are over focused on dance.

– This type of dancer can either be very friendly in the club and dance with lots of people or stand offish and only dance with friends or other good dancers in order to push their limits.

2. The I want to just gain enough knowledge to be comfortable on the dance floor

– This dancer wants to fit in and just have fun, they do not need to take dance to the next level and mainly cares about going out meeting others and keeping a smile on their face.

3. The I know what I’m doing dancer because I grew up with it?

-Some of these dancers actually know what they are doing in one or more particular styles based upon essential elements of dance that was passed down by others in their culture.

– Others don’t and do not realyze that they are doing things completely wrong. Women hate these dances since they do not understand how to work with their partners natural movements, momentum and counterpressure. Often enough these dancers may be on beat but stepping between on1 on2 and more, this happens to make it very hard for the follow to adapt to. But this does not mean they are wrong, they are going out and having fun and that is what really counts.

4. The I just want to get in your pants dancer (One knows how to dance) and (The other does not care about proper execution of moves?

– The one that is trained will utilize smooth movement and subtle hints to let their partner know that they are interested. This will be dance with a lot of flirting while keeping the musicality and proper execution of moves. If necessary they will slow it down to adapt to their partners skill level.

– This dancer just does mover to turn their partner on and will will use tactics to get here close and thinking a certain way. Again nothing wrong with this as long as your partner does not mind. The only thing is if you are one of these dancers please learn some essential movement so that you are not tossing and dipping the girl unnecessarily or taking her of her weight shifts because you are executing  moves in the wrong way.

5. The I’m too good to dancer with beginners?

– This category can hit us from time to time. Especially those who push their limits and need the dance floor to create and enhance their style. We must remember that we were beginners at one point and that if we did not dance with more advanced dancers than we were, we would have taken longer to progress.

6. The performer who can’t social dance?

– This dancer mainly focuses on performances and does not spend enough time social dancing and learning to adapt and create on one’s own. This dancer can be amazing on the stage and execute performances with precision but because of the intense training or other reasons they are not able to make it out to the clubs and train on improvising.

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