What is Partner Connection:

It is a physical and psychological thing. Take Bachata for instance, once must be able to connect with one’s partner on a different level so that subtle hints from pressure counter pressure and frame shifting is interpreted in the right way. This can only be done if one is truly connected with their partner during a social dance session. Below I will attempt to explain from my own experience the two types of connection. Remember that this is just my observation, research and theory and may not reflect your own views.

Physical Connection:

The physical connection must first be mastered not it is not necessary in order to have a strong psychological connection. In Bachata I teach that the frame is very important and is the base of all your movements. If I utilize the proper connections in close and open positions then my partner should be able to follow my lead within reason due to my movement being lead by my frame and extending to my connection points on my partner through fingers, hands and arms. This will only work with proper counter pressure from both parties. Once you get into the more complex combinations and movements then you will have to adjust your points of contacts by multiple means (Example: Turn your elbow in towards partner to make sure that your forearm is giving the counter pressure to her frame instead of the hands) There are a lot of small tweaks in your connection that can be made to adjust for particular movement in order to communicate to your partner what you would like her to do.


Some people, especially those just learning will think that a strong lead is what’s needed.. NO, a confident lead, YES! But I can get my partner to follow almost anything I socially through out with very little pressure and counterpressure. Being aware of your partners body position, weight shifts and more will help you to better understand what is needed for a particular outcome.

Psychological Connection:

It’s what we dance for, and makes dancing so highly addictive. It’s those indescribably good dances that lift the dance experience to another level, make us go, “Wow” It is a lot different than just a good dance and seems that your minds are connected for the short period of time.

Both parties must be in tuned as If one partner is having an amazing time and the other partner isn’t, is there really a dance connection there? I say no! You must actively be engaging your partner with movements, flirting, body control and more in order to compliment the music and your partner at the same time.

– Can you dance like this without being attracted to your partner in the slightest?

Yes you can to a certain degree, but I find that the more comfortable I am with my partner the more I am able to let loose. Please do not mistake this connection for someone hitting on another person, even though this can be a form of connection, the concept that I am speaking of goes past this shallow affect. This link goes deeper into the psychology of dating and dance http://abrodech.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Date-and-Have-a-Successful-Relationship-as-a-Couple-Who-Dances-Together

I do however feel that some of the strongest partner connections come about from either one or both parties being interested in the other. This can be dangerous so watch how you proceed as being interested in your dance partners can be rewarding at times and catastrophic at others. But when there is the connection and the two of you are on the dancefloor, bystanders take a seat because it will be a show worth watching if the two dancers are at the proper skill level that is…..

It seems to me that the more advanced and experienced you are, the more you can adapt to different leads and follows, and the more you can connect with everyone. And if connection is something that can change and grow, and is something we can work to improve, then is there still a “higher” connection that exists that doesn’t depend on ability at all? I truly believe so if you utilize both proper technique and psychological connection in order to compliment the music you are dancing too. I also believe that the more you identify with the song, the rythm and more, then the better you will be a obtaining this connection.


For example, when I dance with my partner to a song that is ok vs a song that we both identify with, you will see a completely different connection. She will be able to understand the word and I will understand the musical feeling and together we get lost in the moment of dance.

11046958_838035386264081_4830199050254394722_n.jpgSo in order to wrap this up, keep pushing the boundaries of your limitations in dance with proper technique and be on the look out for a partner that can connect with you on a deeper level of dance and you will see the difference between a great dance with professionals and an extraordinary dance…

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