I have to say after 10 years of dance, I still shake my head when I see people doing fancy and crazy things on the dance floor without having the proper fundamental base in dance. This is not always their fault, most of the time it’s because no one has educated them to as what they are doing wrong and why they should change. (I myself suffered from this for a while due to the lack of proper high level dance instructors in Hawaii and also my ego).

Please refer to Carlos Cinta’s video blog on fb (if you can find it in his video files) what is wrong with a lot of dancers today!

Please take it from me, learn the proper basics and fundamentals. Many of you say but Kyle, I already know the basics of Bachata…… Trust me, no you don’t! It’s not just 1,2,3 tap.

You have to think, how do you properly transfer the weight from one step to another, how is your transitional movements and footwork, is your feet coming together properly, where are you tapping (Inside or away from the other foot)? Also and more importantly, how are your movements affecting your partner? Is your arms swaying or stationary, are you sending mixed signals to your partner? This is just the simple things that need to be addressed.

I hear a lot of women tell me, I hate dancing with that guy, he is so rough in his movements, this guy is kind of rapey on the dance floor, or I just don’t know what this guy is trying to do when I dance with him. And trust me this goes the other way around too ladies! These types of bad dancers are being legitimized by dancers who are too afraid to say no to a dance. People think that it is rude to say no to a dance, let me tell you now, no it is not! I have had people injure my should cause of their lack of knowledge and movements, now I am a strong guy but while completing certain movement, you are left open to injury if your partner pulls tugs or jerks their connection the wrong way.

The other reason why we have people dancing badly is that people always want more, they are not content of focusing on the boring essential and understanding their bodies in comparison to how their movements affect their partners. Case in point: offer a beginner class/workshop or offer a advanced class/workshop, what do you think will get more people at a festival? Same for classes, people are always saying they want to be in the higher level when they should be staying in the lower and honing in their abilities and understanding.

Dancer, yes we admire those who can execute really cool moves and make it easy, there is a reason for that. The high level dancers are trained in the essentials of dance, they understand proper partner connection and how certain movements affect their partners. There are a lot of small components that goes into these tricky movements escape the average observer’s eyes. Workshops and certain classes will teach these but not all, please be aware of who is instructing but more importantly how does the movement that are being taught affect your partner connection.

Not every partner you dance with will be able to execute these moves. Be aware of the person you are dancing with, their style of dance, movements, comfort zone and abilities. A simple low sweeping dip and really injure someone if they are not up to the level ability or even proper position for that sort of dip. Case in point, I seen a guy try a similar dip last night in a club and pulled the girl towards him so hard that she had to hop twice…. Hmmmm, do you actually think that the high level girl kept dancing with him?

Youtube learners, this article is especially for you. I’ll be honest, I learn things from Youtube also, but there is a lot of thought that goes into the proper execution of these moves and how do I communicate it to my partner smoothly so that she does the move effortlessly and no thought involved (now obviously I am speaking about a dance partner with the right level of skill and not a beginner).

The above covers most dancers who are starting or just want to have fun and not advance to a high level but wants to do cool things without working through the proper form or mechanics.

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