I have to say after 10 years of dance, I still shake my head when I see people doing fancy and crazy things on the dance floor without having the proper fundamental base in dance. This is not always their fault, most of the time it’s because no one has educated them to as what they are... Read more

These tips can be used for all genres of dance including Bachata, Salsa, Modern, Ballroom and much much more. Dance Classes Basic to advanced timing techniques. Take bachata for instance the basic could be as simple and 1,2,3 tap but once you master the weight... Read more

What is Partner Connection: It is a physical and psychological thing. Take Bachata for instance, once must be able to connect with one's partner on a different level so that subtle hints from pressure counter pressure and frame shifting is interpreted in the right... Read more

There are many different types of dancers, with different goals to achieve within the moment. That being said one's goals can always change given time, influence and results. Whether you are a Bachata, Salsa, Hip Hop, Zouk or other dancer this holds true for all grenres None of... Read more

Musicality: This is considered to be the aware and complimentary to the musical instruments involved in the creation of the song you are listening too, or the quality/state of being musical. This trait can be found in all genres of music and the artist who compliment it. A... Read more

There are several things to take into consideration once hitting the dancefloor but it all boils down to how you make other feel. As we are not all made perfect and come from different upbringing, cultures and dance styles we need to enter into dance with a certain open mind and... Read more