808 Bachata April Workshop



$30 for the 2-day pass (ends March 30), $35 at the door
$20 for each class

Ready to take your bachata to the next level? 808 Bachata Advancement is back with another workshop: this time, we’re focusing on body isolations, musicality, and footwork and applying them to the dance floor. Abby Frazier and Carlo Barbasa have exciting concepts to strengthen your core Bachata fundamentals.

Day 1: Footwork (4/5, 1:00-2:00pm)
Think all bachata is 1-2-3-tap for four minutes at a time? Prepare yourself for versatile footwork patterns that you can apply to today’s most popular Bachata music . You’ll learn the how’s, the when’s, and the why’s of footwork in musicality.

Day 2: Partnerwork (4/6, noon-1:00pm)
Take the footwork you’ve learned in Day 1 and apply them to practical partnerwork on Day 2. Become a better lead and/or follow with more concepts, exercises, and practice.

For questions or more information:
Email Carlo at bachatero.zumba@gmail.com
Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/733170080037570/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

See you on the dance floor!