808 Bachata Advancement

The 808 Bachata Advancement team is looking forward and reflecting on the dance lessons of the past. We have already started to bring our style of Bachata to you through a series of workshops and Hawaii Salsa Info Productions has supported the efforts through brining in instructors from the mainland. Our main goal is the advancement of Bachata throughout Hawaii. Meet the team!

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Kyle Quintal (Owner/Instructor) Born and raised on the Big Island and currently residing in Honolulu, he has spent years developing his skills through private instructions of mainland instructors. These instructors include but is not limited to Que Rico, Que Rico Sf, Island Touch, Pasodeoro Dance Company. I instruct classes, workshops, and private lesson in Bachata.









 Bachata Shot 1 121Cristal Mortensen (Crew member/Instructor) Born in Oahu, she has spent her life understanding body isolation and control. She is a Pilates instructor and a great asset to the local dance scene. Cristal is part of our dance company and handles workshop instructions and private lessons.










Bachata Shot 4 121Abby Fraizer (Crew member/Instructor) Is an amazing dancer that has helped me to develop the class syllabus that will be used throughout our classes. Abby will be assisting me in my regular scheduled classes in which 808 Bachata Advancement and Hawaii Salsa Info Productions and partnered up to bring you this year (2013). Abby is not only instructing classes but workshops and private lessons as well.










Bachata Shot 3 121Carlo Barbasa (Crew member/Instructor) Carlo came up the Bachata ranks in Hawaii by joining a professional performance team and then taking private lessons from instructors throughout the mainland. Carlo is teaching workshops and private lessons.