Past workshops in Hawaii

808 Bachata Advancement

[one_fifth] 808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company: (Kyle Quintal, Carlo Barbasa, Cristal Mortensen, Abby Frazier) has put on several workshops starting in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 we started traveling to the Big Island and conducted 6 workshops along with a Voz A Voz Concert.


Que Rico: (Jorge Contreras) Has been to Hawaii multiple times but in 2012 Hawaii Salsa info the parent company of 808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company hosted his Hawaii workshop Bachata Jorge Contreras[/one_fifth]

Que Rico SF: (Bryon and Sammantha) Introduced Hawaii to their style of Bachata dancing. These two talented individuals really put on a show at Salsamor then continued to educate Hawaii in their amazing workshops. Que Rico SF Workshop 2nd day 073[/one_fifth]